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Sojourn Hair ProductsPositive Chemistry For Hair

The real test of a professional product line is its ability to meet the performance standards of hairstylists and consumers. Sojourn accomplishes that goal with a complete line of advance hair care products that preserve the structural integrity of hair, protect the stylist's work, and respond to the styling needs of the salon's clientele.

Highest Quality Ingredients

Using an exclusive blend of Keratin cashmere protein and Cystine amino acids - the same ingredients found in the hair - Sojourn products work in unison with the hair's unique chemical structure to produce a positive condition effect. These concentrated hair nutrients are unsurpassed in their ability to restore natural moisture, eliminate split ends, hydrate and protect hair, helping to rebuild the very foundation of the molecules.

pH - The True Test

All Sojourn products are carefully formulated at the pH level of 4.5 - 5.5 - the normal range of hair and skin.  Why is this so important? Anytime hair is exposed to air and water or altered from its natural state, for example, by coloring, relaxing or perming hair, the pH level is altered.  This leaves hair vulnerable to fading, drying and breakage and destroys the hair's natural chemical bonds.  To return hair to the state at which it is structurally sound you must bring it back to its natural pH level - 4.5 - 5.5.

Ecological Integrity

A key factor in Sojourn's quest to bring positive chemistry to the forefront in our commitment to the environment, health and wellness.  What you won't find in Sojourn products are harmful ingredients like parabens, denatured alcohol, formaldehyde or preservatives that rob hair of its natural beauty and destroy our previous ecosystem. All of the ingredients used to produce Sojourn products are 100% biodegradable, a scientifically engineered component that has zero negative impact on our environment.

René Furterer Paris

Rene Furterer Prodcuts

René Furterer is part of the Pierre Fabre French group, the first European dermo-cosmetic laboratory in the pharmacy network. René Furterer's hair care products are made from essential oils and plant extracts to offer both effectiveness and sensory pleasure. Because "beautiful hair grows on a healthy scalp", these products treat both hair and the scalp.
 Atelier Emmanuel has a long-standing relationship with René Furterer. We believe these are some of the best products to condition the hair and treat the scalp.

We invite you to schedule a hair and scalp treatment session to experience the immediate benefits for yourself!

René Furterer has been a part of the Pierre Fabre Group since 1980, which is one of the largest privately owned pharmaceutical companies in France.


  • all cosmetics are designed with the same quality requirements as medicines
  • René Furterer continues to incorporate the latest innovations of Pierre Fabre laboratories in the development and evaluation of its products
  • prestigious hair care brand created by the French stylist René Furterer
  • 100% of the active ingredients are essential oils and plant extracts
  • personalized hair spa that combines scientific innovation and sensory pleasure
  • over 50 years of expertise and passion for a healthy scalp, and beautiful hair
  • selective distribution in more than 40 countries


Prive Hair Prodcuts

A native of Biarritz, France, Laurent Dufourg began his remarkable styling career as an apprentice in a trendsetting Parisian salon. He later opened two exclusive European salons where his favorable reputation for artistic, cutting-edge hairstyles attracted a fashionable and prestigious clientele.

Laurent then imported his French influenced techniques and style into the United States where his international following of celebrity clientele continued to grow. His reputation as a master stylist placed his services in high demand, leading him to open two signature Privé salons in Los Angeles and Manhattan. While Laurent continued to create innovative and trendsetting styles for his movie and television clientele, he was inspired to develop a line of hair care formulas that could perform up to the expectations of the most elite stylists and their client

Laurent’s discovery of this untapped need for a private reserve of products led to the creation of Privé formule aux herbes, a premium hair care collection. Returning to his French heritage, Laurent personally developed select herbal blends to achieve the most challenging styles naturally. This array of herbal blends provides extraordinary benefits to each Privé styling, finishing, cleansing, conditioning and treatment formula.